We provide a comprehensive framing service

We can frame anything from chidren's art to valuable original art., and most things in between.


Medals and Memorbilia

Medals and other sentimental treasures can be beautifully dusplayed, rather than hidden in a drawer.

Children's Art

Children's are could also be listed as valuable original art, as it truly often is invaluable. But there are also little treasures you need framed on a budget, we can help you make those choices.

Photography and Portraits

In this day of instagram and instant gratification, some amazing, irreplacable images are often lost with their mobile device! Maybe think about displaying some of your best catches in frames, but at the very least, back them up.

Degrees and Diplomas

Many years of hard study and work are behind every degree, we can conservation frame your degree, diploma or certificate to suit your needs


We have a range of seriously beautiful frames if you are wanting to custom frame a mirror for your home or work place.

Stretch and Frame


We are able to stretch your canvas art onto a stretcher frame. The approximate cost for this will be $90 x the length plus the width of your canvas in metres

Frame Needle and other Fabric Art

We specialize in framing needlart. All needleart is hand laced, and framed using conservation materials

Sports Jerseys

We frame rugby and sports jerseys. These are carefully mounted to the mounting board using reversible techniques. The price can vary from $400 upwards.

Tapatapa and Papyrus

Both tapatapa and papyrus lend themselves to being forward mounted or floated to show off their live edges

Original Art and Limited Edition Prints

We frame valuable art, with high quality ragmat and museum glass


We cut and repair glass

We stock a range of glazing options

2mm clear glass

conservation clear 99% UV

ultra vue art glass 70% UV

ultra vue museum glass 99% U

acrylic glazing clear

acrylic glazing 99% UV

We stock over 700 framing samples

We have lots of samples to choose from as well as catalogues you can browse if you are not able to find a frame that suits

Check this out

There is more to a frame than the moulding, have a quick look at what is really involved

We can cut you a custom matboard

We stock a good supply of matboard colours and have the entire range of cresent corner samples for you to check out

We think outside the box 

If you have a less than routine request, get in touch, we have used old fence battens, and made custom frames for artists

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